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When your field of dreams is a nightmare?

Overall jobless rates are down these days and job satisfaction is much improved, at least according to nationwide statistics. Does that sound right to you? Too rosy maybe? I have two recent college graduates in my family, and neither are working in the field they chose when they first entered college. So maybe these statistics mean you simply have a job. Period. Full stop. You are employed, and thank heavens.

No better time to be a writer

As someone who has made my entire living as a writer from the time I was 14 years old, I’m flabbergasted, shocked to the bones and incredibly pleased to tell you there is no better time in my decades-long career to be paid to write. And no, you don’t have to be a top novelist nor find a way into the highly competitive field of journalism (which has taken a nasty turn anyway.)

Going for an interview with an off-topic degree

Maybe I’m different from you, but I love looking at job openings. Further, I can justify my qualifications for almost all of the jobs I read. What, you say? You’re no engineer. You’re no scientist. Ah, but I am a chameleon. For that brief moment of reading the job description, I picture myself there, happy and successful. It’s like a little novel where I’m the main character and I get to visit different plots in my mind. “The Road Not Taken”

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