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Going for an interview with an off-topic degree

Maybe I’m different from you, but I love looking at job openings. Further, I can justify my qualifications for almost all of the jobs I read. What, you say? You’re no engineer. You’re no scientist. Ah, but I am a chameleon. For that brief moment of reading the job description, I picture myself there, happy and successful. It’s like a little novel where I’m the main character and I get to visit different plots in my mind. “The Road Not Taken”

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Interviewing Tips

Take your time to review the job description (JD). Hopefully the company has put in a good amount of time and effort to frame it. Compare your skillset with the JD. If you have the experience  in what they are asking for, make sure you use the same terminology. If the...

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Watch Videos to get help on Job Search

Career Change Process

How to use your network to help with a career change.

Building a Network

How to build a strong network. And how to ask for help.

The Hustle

How to learn from others to create a path to success. Mentors and Coach’s help a lot

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