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When your field of dreams is a nightmare?

Overall jobless rates are down these days and job satisfaction is much improved, at least according to nationwide statistics. Does that sound right to you? Too rosy maybe? I have two recent college graduates in my family, and neither are working in the field they chose when they first entered college. So maybe these statistics mean you simply have a job. Period. Full stop. You are employed, and thank heavens.

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No better time to be a writer

As someone who has made my entire living as a writer from the time I was 14 years old, I’m flabbergasted, shocked to the bones and incredibly pleased to tell you there is no better time in my decades-long career to be paid to write. And no, you don’t have to be a top novelist nor find a way into the highly competitive field of journalism (which has taken a nasty turn anyway.)

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Going for an interview with an off-topic degree

Maybe I’m different from you, but I love looking at job openings. Further, I can justify my qualifications for almost all of the jobs I read. What, you say? You’re no engineer. You’re no scientist. Ah, but I am a chameleon. For that brief moment of reading the job description, I picture myself there, happy and successful. It’s like a little novel where I’m the main character and I get to visit different plots in my mind. “The Road Not Taken”

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Altruistically and gainfully employed — it can happen

I fell into a field a few years ago that I didn’t even know existed. I thought fundraising was all about donating money, certainly not making money with a great salary and excellent benefits. In the last decade, fundraising has become a full-fledged and respected field that includes college degrees tracks, continuing education and its own set of certifications and initials to go after your name.

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Hope and New Beginnings

We gave quite a few talks last year to companies and individuals around Conquering Fear and Stepping Up. Through that we realized that lots of people were getting the motivation they needed to deal with what they were going through. So, we decided that in 2018, we...

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Interviewing Tips 1

1. Take your time to review the JD. Hopefully the company has put a good amount of effort in it. Compare your skillset with the JD. If you have performed what they are asking for, make sure you use the same terminology. If the terminology is different but its...

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Watch Videos to get help on Job Search

Are you an Introvert?

Toni discusses - Volunteering can help with the fear of being in front of people.

Don’t worry about what people say

Do what you want to do with passion. People will always criticize.

Cannot do Happy Hours?

There are several of us who cannot do happy hours. How do we network and grow?

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