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Employment Trends as of January 2020.

This article covers the highlights and our views about Current Employment Statistics from BLS   Couriers and messenger jobs were rising in January  Retail trade jobs took a big hit and has been consistently not doing well other than specific months when consumers go...

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Industry Trends. Steps of Research

This morning, I had the idea to look at industry trends, I started with BLS, found some good data points on how things were in 1999 and the changes for each state. For example, the State of Alabama, the highest number of Jobs in 1999 were in manufacturing, and even in...

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New Skills and Job Trends

  From our work in recruiting, our partner, The FerVID Group, reports that they see the following trends in the Houston Marketplace but this trend seems to be nationwide.  Python knowledge and application of the same to different datasets. There have been several jobs...

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Top Ten most popular degree

Data from NCES. Below is a detailed analysis of the top 5 degrees. The data is cross referenced between NCES and BLS and our own experience.  As we can see a business degree is the most popular with about 400,000 students graduating.  This trend makes sense as BLS...

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Fastest Growing Jobs – Analysis

Data has been Gathered from BLS. Original post - Home Health Aide / Personal Care Data shows that home health aides and personal care aides are 2 professions that will grow 36% or so next year. 3,253,000 jobs will be available for these professionals,. But the devil...

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