The story continues….

So, we are still in 2012, 2013 timeframe, when we decided to put our ideas to test. While brainstorming, Aderbad discussed that the larger issue might be Loan repayments. Lots of College Students take on loans. But if they choose an expensive college for a degree which might not get them the salary, they might end up paying the loan for a very long time.

This idea had a lot of merit. And the thought was to gather more data so that in addition to our Career Path Analysis, we can also analyze salary and loan repayment datasets.

We had to go back and forth several times to evaluate if the Loan Calculator idea or Career Path idea made more sense.

It all came down to data. What data we had and What analysis could we perform.

We had several resumes already in place. We had some salary data but not for all degrees. We looked at publicly available datasets such as BLS, to evaluate if that could give us a start. Parallely, we also tried to form partnerships with professional salary sites. But that idea did not work out.

Before putting in a lot more effort, we decided to conduct a couple of user groups with College going students. We evaluated what their challenges were and if something like what we were building will help them out or not? The user group consisted of 10 kids in 2 groups. All of them gave a big thumbs up to our career path ideas.

This is when we started to ‘code’.