Our initial ideas were around using an Animal theme. Career Zoo. Maybe a Cheetah running super fast. Just like your Career if you used our tool. But those fell through as many names were already taken.

While we were thinking about the name, we started working on Gathering data from BLS and other sources. We also had access to resumes through The FerVID Group. The best part of our analysis was that we did not need the names of people. We just needed their career paths and choices they made. This also made sure that we respected privacy. We did not need to store name, address, phone or anything. Thus all data is secure.

We had 2 awesome team members work on data. Aderbad started with the coding bit. Then we hired a contractor to help with the coding to expedite things a bit.

Then came the Architecture and we decided to use a Graph Database. Which also meant we needed expertise in their scripting language called Neo4j.

This is when we hired an expert to help us.

Through our contacts we go connected with Expero Inc, a local company out of Houston. https://www.experoinc.com/

They had some good expertise around Graph Technology – https://www.experoinc.com/solutions/graph

With their help, we were now able to get some complicated queries done. Those queries were our ideas but we needed help with the Neo4J script. We had to write some quite complicated code.

We can’t wait to tell you more about the code and the queries, but that will need to wait, for another News article.