High School Students have a lot to worry about. They are not only getting ready to apply for college, but they are trying to make sense of their future too. Although life is full of twists and turns, most of us will tackle  one thing at a time. One can change the chosen path in life, but most of us stick to what we have chosen, as change can be difficult. 

In this video, Maria Carvajal, a Graduate from University of Houston Downtown (International Business degree) talks about some of the choices.
Maria is currently working as a Client Success Partner with an executive recruiting company called The FerVID Group. She talks about having a good GPA,  to ease the pressure of SAT or ACT scores. How do you maintain a high GPA? Do you take Advanced classes or do you stay with the foundation classes? 

She also discusses the timeline to start preparing for SAT or ACT. Her answer is during the 10th grade or the Sophomore year. She says that there are special facilities which can assist you with the test prep, or you can buy self-help course material  

Maria says that one can take SAT or ACT as many times as you want. This also helps identify subjects you are good at vs the ones you do not enjoy. This could also help with the career path you eventually choose.