The FerVID Group hired Maria Carvajal from UofH downtown after she graduated with a Bachelors degree in International Business. Maria has been helping FerVID with Marketing, Sales and Client relations.

In this Video – Maria discusses Scholarships.

As we know scholarships can provide you with some grant money and it also looks good on applications. 

Your career counselors could point you to different associations which have grant money available for students. These associations will choose a few students to grant this to.   To have a good chance of getting it, it is important you get to know   the association staff. The best way to do this   is to volunteer and help out with those associations. 

This idea has multiple benefits. Even if you do not get that scholarship, you now know several more people  and this by itself could lead to other opportunities. You can also list this volunteer work in your application. This is looked upon well by the counselors.