You will be helping people in need. You will be able to change their lives with this skillset and degree. You will need a bachelor’s degree in prosthetics and a certification, or any bachelor’s degree but follow it up with a masters in prosthetics.  

The cost for this degree can go from $40K for instate bachelor’s and another $25K for instate masters, to above $150K for out of state. The salary ranges from $65K to $100K and above.  

With the uptake of robotics in general, this occupation will  be on the rise in the future. We will need experts to design prosthetics. Once the cost becomes nominal the need for it will increase  globally. The risk of robots taking over marketing roles is varied. Anything that needs number crunching might go to the robots, while anything that needs creativity and interaction will stay with humans. So, the risk of not having anything to do in the future is LOW.  

Career options present themselves when you are out there interacting and learning skills. You do your homework, learn what you like and enjoy, plan your career path by interacting with similar people, networking and creating opportunities for yourself.  

 The research in every area is VAST. Please ask us your specific questions and we will try and give you an answer if your question is amongst a high number.