A question came to my mind today when I was thinking about future jobs and career paths that may be available with the advent of Robotics. People with programming skills will be on the rise. They are the ones who will help us control the robot. Planning for a Robotic workplace, so Industrial Engineers and Ergonomics skillset might also do very well in a robotic workplace. Then comes the human element. Robots roaming around in the workplace could be a culture shock to a lot of people. How will they react to it? Will they be trained to deal with robots? How will this change be managed? 

This thought process brought me to think about something completely random. Humans are already used to having pets. And they love having pets because mostly they are loyal, they don’t talk back, and just give you all their attention. I would think of Robots to be the same in the beginning. They will be programmed to do what we want them to do, do tasks that you don’t want to do but can be easily done by a robot. 

So maybe its time for all to get a dog. Change Management in action.