The Gig Economy is here to stay. Some laws in California made it a bit tricky for some consultants working through different Gig Economy platforms, but overall, many folks are making a living from this trend. 

There are many platforms now, where you can put your services up for sale. You can name your own price and showcase your portfolio or skills. Once you have a couple of clients, you will start getting testimonials. The better the rating, the more work you will get. 

Now of course the Platform company will charge you a fee as they are the ones who are marketing you. And if you have a steady flow of clients you will not worry about those fees. But for some the fees can be quite high. It’s a give and take relationship that can work well. 

You might be wondering if you have anything that you can use in the Gig Economy world. Well you will be surprised on what skills are being successful 

  1. Our friend recently used an Architect/Designer to design a closet remodel. She was very happy with the service provided 
  1. We use graphic designers, writers, animation experts, PowerPoint design experts all the time 
  1. Marketing gurus can also make a successful career out of the Gig Economy 
  1. Coaching is now picking up. You can coach people on careers, finance, life coaching, etc. 
  1. We even got Poetry written for one of our Videos. 

You just need to identify what skills you have that people will appreciate. If you have a great voice – maybe you could do voiceovers for other people’s videos and training classes. If you are an artist, you could offer to create art for children’s books or book covers. 

Once people know how to use videos and record themselves solving problems, I can see this being one of the skills that will take off in the Gig Economy world. Host your videos as training material and see if you get people buying the same. 

The world is complicated and sometimes all these new advances seem overwhelming, but this trend is here to stay and can make our lives easier. 

All spouses who have to take care of the household, can now pick up their dreams and do some part time work through these platforms. 

We hope you take advantage of this trend and make that money you needed to buy yourself the car you always dreamt!