CareerUnleashed idea was first brewing in the 2011, 2012 timeframe. Abhijeet Narvekar and Dhimant Desai had started a company called The FerVID Group, which specialized in Executive Recruiting and Consulting. That team worked very hard with a lot of people to fill certain needs of their clients. Talking and evaluating all candidates for the fit, The FerVID Group got to hear a lot of stories.

One such story was about a Leader who was being asked to take on a VP role which involved travel. She was not yet ready to travel, but HR could not find another role for her as the next progression was being a VP. SO she stayed in her current role. This got us thinking about Career Paths. The more we thought about it, the more we were convinced that we could help people understand different paths by looking at what others with similar background may have done.

If we can analyze 100 people who have, say, a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Public Policy, we will start getting some idea on how people progressed and what different options exist for people to grow.

Then 100, became 1000, which then we wanted to push to 10000 and so on. The FerVID Group, being a recruiting company could get us the dataset needed for some of these Analysis.

This thought then festered for a while, and we approached Aderbad Tamboli, our 3rd Founder, to help us think through this idea and evaluate if it can be done. Aderbad background comes from Technology Architecture.

After a few discussions, we were not entirely convinced yet. But because of the discussions came another idea!

If this is interesting, keep reading our next post, for how this evolved