From our work in recruiting, our partner, The FerVID Group, reports that they see the following trends in the Houston Marketplace but this trend seems to be nationwide. 

  1. Python knowledge and application of the same to different datasets. There have been several jobs which needed Python experience. Most of these roles were around Data Science. 
  2. Machine learning engineers. Companies are trying to use their data in the most creative ways. This requires people with specific skillsets who understand what models to apply to solve certain problems. 
  3. Change management professionals. Because of the above transformation, which is being coined as the digital transformation, there is a sharp increase in the need for change management professionals 
  4. There are several new trends being identified in marketing which did not exist earlier  
    1. YouTube marketing experts. Video marketing is taking off.  New Apps are being introduced but YouTube remains a large force for videos. 
    2. Social media advertising experts. How to optimize an AD in Instagram, or in Facebook 
    3. Blog writers. Several companies need a creative writer to put out good content for content driven marketing. 
    4. Experts with sales funnels. We have seen a trend around this topic of building funnels to create a relationship with your buyer. 
  5. Other technology trends include Blockchain, but this is more on the speaking circuit. We have not seen a lot of jobs in this area. Although, we do see several in cyber security roles. 
  6. Another big trend we see is the Gig Economy. There are several platforms where independent contractors can post their skills and brand themselves. Clients can find them directly and work with them. We have seen successful Gigs in areas such as 
    1. Graphic Design 
    2. Info-graphs 
    3. White Board Animation 
    4. Blog Writing 
    5. Quick design – Architecture 
  7. Within the Agriculture world, we see another trend happening and this is drone technology to assist with various functions in farming. This would also mean that people with expertise in drones will be needed soon. 
  8. If we map this to degrees and skills, we will see what we need is 
    1. Engineering degrees – such as Computer Engineering 
    2. Marketing professionals 
    3. Creative writing 
    4. Project management with change management focus