Life choices before Career Choices

Look and reflect on what you like to do? What is your lifestyle going to be? Does the career need you to move all the time? Does it align with your life choices?

Characteristics that helped Anya

3 things that helped Anya grow in her career

Skills that you enjoy usin

Evaluate what skills you have, and which ones you enjoy most

Career Change Process

How to use your network to help with a career change.

Building a Network

How to build a strong network. And how to ask for help.

The Hustle

How to learn from others to create a path to success. Mentors and Coach’s help a lot

Are you an Introvert?

Toni discusses - Volunteering can help with the fear of being in front of people.

How to grow in your career?

Toni talks about ideas to grow in your career.

Cannot do Happy Hours?

There are several of us who cannot do happy hours. How do we network and grow?

Take a risk

What happens if I take a risk? Do not become stagnant, keep moving.

Don’t worry about what people say

Do what you want to do with passion. People will always criticize.