Change is good. We might not realize it in the beginning but as we stop resisting change, our mind starts looking at ways to make it work and eventually get comfortable  and then thrive at it. 

Some changes happening today in the world are creating new jobs 

  • Marijuana is becoming legal in some states. This is going to create a completely new industry, right from farmers producing it to quality control, distribution and eventually administering it. 
  1. Keep an eye on this industry as it will create new jobs in all functional areas mentioned above 
  1. There are jobs today being advertised such as 
  1. Cannabis tester 
  1. Cannabis trimmer 
  1. Physician’s in a Cannabis facility 
  1. Wellness specialists 
  1. Business development Specialists 
  1. Substance abuse specialists. 
  1. And many more 

NOTE: Work from home combined with marijuana might become a new trend. This could lead to problems or opportunities from those problems. For example: How does an HR department for a company monitor this? Maybe they will need to have an HR Specialist dedicated to wellness? 

  • We have personally never understood the rise of Cryptocurrency yet. The same goes for Blockchain, Cybersecurity. We have not dabbled in it and will not comment about it here. We are not experts at it, so will leave you to research if this is a space you want to watch 


  • Cloud related jobs such as AI, ML.  We spoke of this in one other article. 


  • Self-Driving cars are becoming popular, As are electric cars. This will create a completely new range of jobs 



  1. Self-driving tester 
  1. Software related to autonomous driving 
  1. Electric car mechanics is vastly different from traditional. Even in the popular series, Gotham Garage, the expert mechanic had a difficult time assembling an electric car. This says that it is a new skill to learn and people who take the plunge early might be ahead of the curve. 


  • In the similar vein are DRONES! Drones are now being used for monitoring, farming, taking aerial shots 
  1. Drone operators will be needed 


  • Pandemic/Disaster control teams: Some companies that did not have a disaster control team will start working on having one in place. 
  1. Around the same, all healthcare related professions are thriving. 


  • Marketing Specialists: With remote working, there will be a big need to get peoples attention. Marketers and social media Influencers will thrive. 


  • YouTube, Instagram advertising. If you have creative skills, you will do very well using the social media. 


  • Teachers: Online trainers will flourish. 


  • Personal Coaches will have a lot of opportunities during this time to help people reduce anxiety because of this current situation. 


Other ideas : 

Sales and Business Development experts will use their functional knowledge and apply in different industries. Do not just sell the contact list you have but sell the ideas and strategies that you used to grow the company and client for new logos.