We researched people who have done something in the field of Business Administration & Management. The field and opportunities for this degree are vast. There are several fields within this degree that one can focus on. Highlight of our research is as follows: 

  1. If you have taken classes in Accounting, then you would mostly start your career in Banking. Roles included Finance Specialist, Loan Administration, Personal Banker, Client specialist (Client services and troubleshooting) 
  1. If you majored in Management, retail seems to be one of the common options out there. There are several retail stores, large ones, who hire several individuals with  Bachelors of Business Administration  The roles vary but most of them end up as store manager within 3 years. 
  1. Online retailers also seem to hire individuals with this degree. Area Manager is one of the common roles we have seen for online retailers. 
  1. Recruiting and Talent Management is another role which goes across industries. 
  1. Some people also did business analysis. This role involved the individual understanding the business processes and some also ventured into marketing. Understanding competition and evaluating options for the business. 

The salary range for this role varied from $65K to $120K depending on the location and kind of role (Financial Analysts vs Marketing Analysts vs Sales etc). The cost to achieve this degree ranges from $10K in state per year to $30K out of state. This would mean that you would spend at a minimum of $40K for 4 years to $120K. 

If you are taking a loan, you will want to evaluate the salary vs standard of living and cost of living vs loan payments. The career path for this degree varies. You can learn from your current roles and grow within your company. The risk of robots taking over any of these roles is low. Some parts of an analyst role might be automated but most of these roles need people interaction and problem solving with high emotional intelligence. Plain accounting with number crunching will be replaced eventually by software bots.  

Career options present themselves when you are out there interacting and learning skills.   Do your homework, learn what you like, enjoy and plan your career path by interacting with similar people, networking and creating opportunities for yourself.  

The research in every area is VAST. Please ask us your specific questions and we will try and give you an answer if your question is amongst a high number.