The field and opportunities for this degree is limited.  Our research indicates that most people get jobs in the following area: 

  1. Companies in health and wellness industry hire dance experts  
  2. Dance experts provide a wellness plan for their clients  
  3. Dance Instructor / Choreographer  
  4. Instructors work at dance institution’s providing dance lessons for consumers  
  5. Movie or entertainment industry where they need dance choreography  
  6. Theater  
  7. Dance for fitness  
  8. Lots of fitness classes have Zumba instructors  

This is a growing trend in 2019  

  1. Dance teacher at Schools  
  2. There are several teachers in schools which have a focus on Arts.  
  3. Several sports related businesses, such as skating arenas also hire Pilates or dance instructors  


 If you do end up in a company as an instructor, you can create your own career path by building relationships, honing your customer service skills and learning new aspects on the job.  You can then move ahead in your career to sales, marketing, customer relations, managing instructors, hence following a management path.   Some who do not iy get into the corporate world immediately might need to do 2 jobs? We saw several people had a retail job while being a dance instructor.  A dance instructor on an average makes about $40K a year.  A specialized Zumba instructor can make $60K. An even more specialized dance routine such as ballet or ballroom dancing can get you above $100K as clients will want to pay to learn.  Some people might be successful starting their own dance studios and getting new clients, but this requires risk taking and entrepreneurial passion.  

The cost for a degree is quite high for out of state. We will not recommend doing a high cost degree in this area. Going for an in-state tuition of around $14K per year might be the safest option. Also apply for scholarships to keep this cost down.  If you are taking a loan, you will want to evaluate the salary vs standard of living and cost of living vs loan payments. The career path for this degree varies. You can learn from your current roles and grow within your company.  

The risk of robots taking over all of these roles is very low. We do not see robots as dance instructors. I cannot help but smile at the thought of a robot dancing. But we can never underestimate technology, it might happen some day! Career options present themselves when you are out there interacting and learning skills. You do your homework, learn what you like and enjoy, plan your career path by interacting with similar people, networking and creating opportunities for yourself.  

The research in every area is VAST. Please ask us your specific questions and we will try and give you an answer if your question is amongst a high number.