The field and opportunities for this degree is vast. There are several fields within this degree that one can focus on.  During our research we found that there are specialized fields of study within Healthcare as well. Some of them can set you up for a career  or maybe even set you up for a Medical degree. Some examples are as below.   

  1. Depending on your interest – one can go into Kinesthesia, Nursing, Dental Hygiene  
  1. Salary for Kinesthesia is around $80,000  
  1. Nursing is around $68,000 
  1. Dental Hygiene is around $70,000 
  1. But all of the above degrees give you a career plus also a chance to try out Medical programs.  
  1. Opthalmic Medical Technician is also an option which can get you around $48,000 to $60,000 starting salary  


 If you do not care for specialized focus, you can also get nonclinical jobs such as management of services or people, sales roles and administrative roles. There are several technicians as well who help doctors or clinics in their roles.  Several people work for large corps or also smaller spa’s and provide advice or therapy.  

The cost to achieve this degree ranges from $10K instate per year to $30K out of state. This would mean that you would spend a minimum of $40K for 4 years to $120K.  If you are taking a loan, you will want to evaluate the salary vs standard of living and cost of living vs loan payments. The career path for this Degree varies. You can learn from your current roles, and grow within your company.  

 The risk of robots taking over all of these roles is low. Some parts of administrative roles might be automated but most of these roles need people interaction and problem-solving skills with high emotional intelligence. Plain accounting with number crunching will be replaced eventually by software bots.  

Career options present itself when you are out there interacting and learning skills. You do your homework, learn what you like and enjoy, plan your career path by interacting with similar people, networking and creating opportunities for yourself.  

 The research in every area is VAST. Please ask us your specific questions and we will try and give you an answer if your question is amongst a high number.