Life can get very confusing once in a while, especially when you feel overwhelmed with options and challenges in front of you. You could be someone who is unsure on how you would pay for a bachelor’s degree, or someone who just does not know what he or she wants to do.  When someone asks you, What makes you happy or what do you feel you are good at?”, and you do not have an answer, it feels frustrating. You are nervous of the unknown, especially when your friends have already made their minds up. These are the times when fear sets in and we get stuck and are unable to decide.

There are various stories online and we read one today on LinkedIn where a person worked at a restaurant while pursuing his associate’s degree from community college. He then went on to do his bachelor’s degree and by the time he got his bachelor’s degree, he was running the operations of that restaurant as a Director. We can guess  he was about 26 years old by then. He gained some real valuable experience and was all set to take on new challenges. We are sure that if he reflected back, the world might have seemed confusing to him, but he still took a step forward and worked hard to create his own path. Similarly, there are several bachelor’s degrees out there. If you are very confused, one option is to study something that is not super difficult. These degrees could be in writing, marketing, etc., or something that is not too expensive. College tuition varies from in state to out of state. 


 Once you get your first job, you can work, interact with people, learn processes and then find the thing that you like a lot.  

The risk of robots taking over roles is varied. Anything that needs number crunching might go to the robots, while anything that needs creativity and interaction will stay with humans.   

Career options present themselves when you are out there interacting and learning skills. Sometimes you do your homework, learn what you like and enjoy and plan your career path accordingly 

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