A degree which is in high demand, which will get you a good paying job and will lead to a creative career:  Marketing is such a career. You can go for a BS or a BA. The difference is that in BS, you will learn more about analytics, mathematics. While in BA, it will be more creative. Both degrees will get you good jobs. Starting titles could be  

  •  Marketing analyst  
  • Business analyst  
  • Social media analyst  
  • Sales analyst  
  • Inside sales 

 Some people also go down a different career path such as recruiting,.  but, if you stick to marketing, you can grow into roles like Product Marketing Managers, Marketing Managers, Communications VP, Public Relations and so on. Salaries are quite healthy for this occupation. You can start anywhere from $55K and mid-career you can make about $140K. while executive roles can be around $200K.  Cost of education for this degree can be similar to other degrees, costing $40 K while out of state can go up to $120K or so. The risk of robots taking over Marketing roles is varied. Anything that needs number crunching might go to the robots, while anything that needs creativity and interaction will stay with humans, so the risk of not having anything to do in the future is LOW.   Career options present themselves when you create opportunities by doing your homework, learn what you like, enjoy and plan your career path by interacting and networking with similar people 

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