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How to create your Brand and elevator pitch to impress hiring managers and Differentiate yourself from the rest

I have been searching for jobs and applying everyday. But have not received anything.

This phrase is a common one amongst Job Seekers.


Well, if the above way is not the right way then what is?

Spend Half an Hour with Abhi to learn

The regular Mind Blocks we have

How to work on our Brand

With this half an hour you will be able to create your brand and remove any doubts you might have had.


But Abhi –

I don’t need any help. I have been a Leader and an expert at what I do. Job Searching is a piece of cake.

Well maybe for some it is. But for others it is very difficult. Why is it so difficult?

It is Difficult because most of us, our expertise is in some program, or a technical domain. And all of a sudden we are in Sales.

We need to be able to Sell ourselves and our Skills to strangers.



I know a number of great recruiters, they will connect me with some people.

We have to remember that Recruiters work for a company as the company pays them to find a good fit.

They might talk to you to get your resume or build a connection but it will take time for an opportunity to pop up and for all to align.



I am doing the Recruiter a Favor by working with her or him. As they will get paid because of me.

Yes, even though the recruiters are middle agents, the good ones work hard to find a great fit. And if someone is forcing your resume onto some hiring managers, guess what, the hiring manager will stop responding. And hence most of the people get no response back as the resume has been sent and no one has received any feedback.

It starts form the Job Seeker, thinking very highly of themselves.

Sorry but someone had to say it.

If you decide to take the next step, then you will work with Abhi in a Webinar setting of 50 ppl for a 3 hour workshop.

Individual coaching can get very expensive. But you will still learn a lot from Abhi. It will be a LIVE session for the first few ones


Abhi is a compassionate coach, with a great set of ideas. Even if you are a seasoned executive (either in transition and/or thinking about a transition), Abhi will be a great guide and sounding board for you. He can help you identify blind spots that you may have and certainly arm you with a few thinking frameworks that will help you, as you devise the strategy for your future career. Abhi is non-judgmental and comes without any pre-conceived bias. On top of this, he is a genuine individual who truly wants to help you. I highly recommend Abhi as an executive coach.”

VP -Digital Transformation, Schlumberger

The CEO of The Fervid Group, Mr. Abhijeet Narvekar, has been very supportive providing coaching and mentoring on the  next phase of my career and it goes beyond reviewing my resume and  highlighting the areas or soft skills that we, as individuals, do not recognize and take for granted. He infuses a feeling of professional trust, executive direction combined with humility and spirituality that are not easy found in many thought leaders. His perspective on career stem from understanding what is our individual motivations, interests and skill transfers in this challenging and demanding new job market.

Technical Software Manager, Confidential

I have been working with the FerVID group for many years. Lately, I wanted to get some advice to help me to get to my next professional endeavor. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with excellent coaching from the FerVID group. This helped me to reflect on my goals, my aspirations and my priorities. Their unique method helped me to get ready to start the next step of my journey. I must say that this was a fantastic experience and it actually helped me to realize my potential at this time in my career and helped me to land within few weeks my next milestone in my professional journey. Thank you so much to the FerVID group.

Client – Director of Product Management, Halliburton

First of all I wanted to thank you again for your help on developing my unique selling proposition before my interviews early this year. Also thank you to Maria for bringing me in to meet with you. As a result of my preparation and the personal session I had with you and Maria at your office, I received a job offer from one of three companies I was interviewing for in Sales and Business Development roles back in March. This approach was one of the differentiating factors when presenting myself and engaging with potential employers. Being able to articulate my value to the role I was interviewing for, helped me get a step further in the interview process. I am now working as a Territory Sales Manager for * Chemical catering to the downstream industry with fuel and lubricant additives solutions to a wide variety of applications.

Territory Sales Manager, Confidential

The FerVID group is very professional, caring and very responsive. I find them to always go above and beyond to make sure their employees have the resources they need to succeed.


Cloud Infrastructure – Project Manager, Halliburton

I have been blessed to receive your coaching and mentoring. I am enjoying discovering what I call “achieved potential”, that is, all of those soft skills, technical, leadership behaviors and good practices within us but unintentionally overlooked. The great value of your coaching is to enable exploring our career path aligned with our personal and life choices. It goes beyond our resumes, but it is a great input to it.

Project Manager, Confidential

Still not sure?


Here’s what you will learn in the Workshop

  1. Recruiters. What are the different models? You need to know this to work this network properly.
  2. Deep dive with examples on Brand – Working session.
  3. Once we know our brand – deep dive on how to pitch it to our network.
  4. How to go about this network search in LinkedIn.
  5. How to make your resume industry agnostic.
  6. You have 2 job offers how to choose the right one?
  7. How to interview? Example based workshop.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Abhi will answer questions based on popularity and give ideas. Companies which are hiring will also be shared in this group

Cost to Join?


Abhi came from Operations, Industrial Engineer to Product Manager to running 2 companies.

He has seen both sides and understands how Hiring Managers think and what you should be looking out for.

His consulting charges are upwards of 1000USD per hour for companies and custom sessions.

But in the group setting, this program is being offered for 699USD for a 3+ hour webinar.

Yes it is not cheap, but worth each dollar of your money and time. We will be investing in your success as much as you will!

But we want you to commit and work o get that next role.

If you are struggling, we understand and can work out a payment plan.

Month 1:  200USD

Month 2:  250USD

Month 3:  300USD

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