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How to tell a story? | Career Unleashed
This recording is to demonstrate how to interview. Some of these stories are going to be silly but I hope it'll convey the message. As per the Career Unleashed theme we had a horse, a cow, pig, a car and a dragon. Today we are gonna talk to the horse. We are going to interview different
horses to see how they would interview if they had to get a job at a delivery company. The job is to deliver packages from point A to point B. 

Let's talk to horse A. 

Hello there!

Thank you so much for showing interest
in our job. Could you give me some of the
highlights of what makes you fit for our

Horse A - Well according to double trailers
we have some unique characteristics. Did
you know that we have the largest eyes
of any land mammal? Did you know that we
can run within hours of birth? When we
laugh or we look like laughing we are
not really laughing but we are just

Interviewer - Well hold on there, those are
very unique points but what I want
to talk about is. how are you a fit
candidate to deliver our package from
point A to point B? 

Horse A - Oh yes yes!! that's
Well according to double trailers we can
run quite fast at an average of 27 miles
per hour,
some of us can run to 55 miles an hour

Interviewer -  that's very good to know. How
fast can you run?

I have never measured my speed but I
think I run fast I think I can get your
job done! 

Interviewer - Well thank you so much for your
time we will get back in touch with you

Horse B! 

Interviewer - Well thank you so much for coming
in. Can you introduce yourself or tell us
How you would be a good fit for this

Horse B -

Absolutely! let me give you an example in
my previous job there was a big problem
for my owner the owner was a king and he
had to go across different forests to
visit the Queen. It was a treacherous
journey. He chose me because I had proven
that I could run fast I could go across
different forests, I could cross rivers, I
had done it all before so I took the
king a job that usually takes a horse
maybe two days took me one day because I
can run at 55 miles per hour and I know
this because on previous jobs I had done,
I had kept a tab on how fast my speed
was and how fast I could run and deliver
and I did all of this keeping the King
safe and getting him to the Queen on
time the result King was happy Queen was
happy and I got a lot of food to eat. I
think I can deliver your packages. 

End of interview

Who do you think will get the job? So whenever we interview if we just keep
talking about maybe the skills we have or what we are known for or what program managers are known for or project managers are known for it doesn't come across genuine just like the first horse they were just talking about the characteristics doesn't help. The second horse went into a story told th em the problem the solution and the result.

Which one do you think will be more effective? I want you to apply the same
idea to your profile and tell me a problem-solution result that differentiated you from all the rest

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