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Convert your dreams into your career

" You will never be truly happy until you make work your best friend.” This was long ago advice from a mentor who was a single mom, supporting three kids with an office job in an era when most women were homemakers. Sounded harsh at the time because I wanted my life to be so much more than my job. Now, having been in the work force most of my life, I know how true it is.

After all, the only person who is in this career is you. You may have supportive friends and family, but you are the only one walking in your wingtips or pointy-toed pumps. You alone make that familiar commute, check in at security and walk down the same halls. You grab a cup of coffee or water at the break room and then head to the office where you will try your best to add value to your institution.

You also are the only one who knows if you are fitting in, if you are being noticed, if you are being challenged, if you are being promoted, if you have a career path that is satisfying your outside dreams and interests. You know if you’re stalled, if you need to make a move or if your long or short tenure in this particular field or at this particular company is coming to an end.

CareerUnleashed offers a unique service to guide you in these decisions so that you are not so alone and don’t spend years following a dead-end path. Our data mining matches your skills and potential to your career goals, personal goals and even your personality. CareerUnleashed experts have analyzed data from a decade of resumes and compared those specific details to successful job opportunities and positions. We can recommend positions that will help you fulfill your biggest dreams — emotionally and financially.

Gone are the days of “trying” a career path to see if it was meant for you. “The Road Not Taken” can be taken without delays of years and years while you flounder in the wrong area, at the wrong institution or in the wrong community of peers.

We offer guidance for

· Students who are seeking the best college experience

· Anyone who is making a first-time or change-of career decision

· Individuals who want to maximize their challenge and salary

· Mid-career employees who need a change or are stalled

· End-of-career individuals who want a new challenge or a change in fields

Our interactive tools are intuitive and easy to use. Coming Soon, stay in touch.

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