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1. What is CareerUnleashed?

CareerUnleashed is a platform created to assist users with their career planning/ management by providing information by way of diverse content for various sets of users (Students, Graduates, Professionals) as well as Analytics based on experiences and career paths other professionals have led.

2. What resources are available to me?

Currently, we are publishing a lot of diverse content for various sets of users in diverse forms such as blogs, articles, videos, case studies etc. We are also perfecting our Analytics section which is based on analyzing over millions of resumes to identify various career paths and trajectories followed by professionals across their careers.




1. How can CareerUnleashed help me?

We have content for various sets of users -Students (High School, University), Graduates (beginning their careers), experienced professionals seeking to Grow or Transition their careers etc. Apart from these, we have content related to career planning, job search, interviewing, resume writing etc., which would be valid for users at any stage of tier careers. We should be also releasing our Analytics section very soon -which lets users explore career details related to specific degrees, industries etc., which would be a valuable resource for anyone. If you have any specific needs or questions -we welcome you to reach out to us, and we have experts on our team who can help you, or connect you with the right resources. Your Career Success is our Aim!

2. How do you collect the Data?

We encourage all site visitors to submit their resumes, and refer their friends and families to the same -thus constantly adding to our database. Apart from this, we have partnered with Fervid Group (a recruiting company co-founded by current Founders), to share resources and anonymized resumes that they have collected-with assurance of confidentiality and anonymity.

3. How does the analytics work?

The resumes we collect are run through our advanced Analytics engine to identify patterns and trends and present it to our users in a easy to use, intuitive and interactive format.




1. Who can register?

Anyone at any stage of their Education or Careers are welcome to register. We have something of value and interest for everyone. The more users and data we receive, the more precise the Analytics get. Please do Register here.

2. Who can I contact for additional details or assistance?

Feel free to contact our team using the Contact Us resources.




1. Where can I find the Analytics?

We are currently in the process of gathering more data and refining our Analytics. You can view some sample profiles here. We will be publishing the Analytics section soon. Do Register here and we will update you once we have a confirmed plan in place.

2. Where can I sign up for ongoing updates?

Once you register, we will email you regular updates,, including publishing of our Analytics section.




1. When will the Analytics features be available?

We are constantly adding more resumes and seeking more data so that we can keep refining the results. Please encourage your friends, families and contacts to register or share their resumes! Our aim is to have the Analytics section ready by June 20xx. The more resumes we receive, the quicker we can make those features available!

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