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What are the trends for Psychology degree holders?

Do you enjoy helping others solve real life problems? While researching this degree, we came across several applications of Psychology degree. The one that really spoke to us was helping Veterans keep their mental health strong. VA and DOD both have embarked on programs dedicated to this topic. This would also mean that they will be hiring for these specialists. 

We did a quick search on several sites to evaluate if there were indeed jobs on the rise for Psychology degree majors. Here’s what we found during our research on Feb 12th 2020. 

  1. Directly related jobs were with DOD and VA’s. Clinical Psychologist was one such position which had different openings in various cities. 
  2. Directly related jobs were also with several clinics which focused on health and wellness. 
  3. Professor or teaching assistant jobs were also open 
  4. Human resources was another area where this degree was sought after. 
  5. There were several sales roles that showed up as well, assuming that a person with a psychology degree would have studied various human emotions and hence would connect faster. 
  6. (We used various sources such as Indeed, Niche Psychology sites, APA, Glassdoor, etc.) 

BLS shows that  psychologists could earn anywhere from $38K to $80K, but an entry level role could be lower than $38K. We have seen roles with startups which could be around $28K,. but hopefully they will have a bonus or other perks to get you to the $40K mark in the first 2 years. Once you have experience and a network, you can grow fast based on the Emotional Intelligence skills you acquire. 

in 2018 as per BLS, there were 180,000 jobs in this field and they estimate that the growth will be around 14% so new Graduates will stand a chance of getting a job after graduation. 

The above were in the Education, Healthcare and Government fields or industries, but, from our recruiting efforts, we also know that human resources, ergonomics, sales and marketing also employ these degreed individuals. 

Areas where people need help 

  1. Stress is everywhere. High School students are stressed with all that they have to do. 
  2. College students need support and coaching. 
  3. Managers and executives often have coaches to help them with stress and people related issues (HR and Coaching) 
  4. Nationwide – we worry about mental Health and fatigue for all individuals 
  5. Military/Veterans need help. 


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